Content Marketing, Editorial

︎︎︎ Art Direction  

I’m responsible for the art direction of Shopify’s editorial content. Our team publishes upwards of 20 articles a week that solve business problems for entrepreneurs and help guide them on their path to independence.

This is a selection of weekly editorial headers.


Growth Marketing Digital Ads

︎︎︎ Art Direction  

I concepted and art directed five different business verticals — mens lifestyle, hand made products, women’s sport and leisure, beauty and cosmetics, and women’s jewellery — for use in a variety of digital ads. Styled by Daniel Onori, shot by Joseph Saraceno.


Print Ads

︎︎︎ Art Direction and Production

Print campaign for Rimowa to support its improved material and weightlessness. Shot by Colin Faulkner.


Fuze, Print Ads

︎︎︎ Art Production

Print and transit ads for Fuze - one of Coke’s juice brands - that increases metabolism. For this creative I hired the worlds best trompe-l'œil body painter Joanne Gair, who famously painted Demi Moore in her birthday suit for her Vanity Fair cover in 1992. Shot by Chris Woods.

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